Doula Care in Los Angeles

I believe that our own birth and postpartum experience has the potential to shape our feelings about life and our place in it profoundly for the rest of our lives. A baby with a gentle and conscious introduction to this world will be at an advantage, and likewise, a mother who is supported during her birth and in the weeks and months following will feel more empowered and able to face the challenges ahead. I believe that every woman deserves to feel honored, safe, and cared for during her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. I believe that women's bodies were made to give birth and most of the time, if given the time, they are fully capable of doing so. I believe that every birth is different and that each birth must unfold in its own way on its own time. I believe that medical interventions, if used wisely, can be great tools. I believe in staying up to date on the current research and offering truly evidenced based information. I believe that every birth I attend is an honor, and I am grateful to be of service to offer postpartum care in the city of Los Angeles.