Dawn is amazing. She’s generous, present (so present, always), calm, confident and nurturing. In deciding which doula to choose (after interviewing 3), I realized I wanted someone who felt like a peer, someone I could feel very comfortable being vulnerable in front of. Dawn is definitely that person. She was such a rock for my husband and me throughout my whole labor and delivery, plus afterwards. She came over and cleaned and brought us food. So so helpful!
My birth didn’t go as I had hoped, but Dawn helped me heal the pain and disappointment I felt because of it. She even wrote my birth story for me from her perspective, which made me see how strong and powerful I am, despite the birth not going exactly as I wanted it to.
Dawn went above and beyond what I thought any doula would do for us. She stayed with my husband and me the entire (long ass) labor, encouraging us and making sure all was well. She took great photos for us too!
I told her to raise her prices because she’s way too freakin knowledgable and generous to charge as little as she does!
She also knows a lot about Spinning Babies and great ways to prepare for labor, plus how to navigate the early crazy days of parenthood. Dawn will totally speak up on your behalf to whomever is helping you deliver the baby, and will be there to answer your questions after the baby is born (I had a lot of questions!).
Dawn is a wealth of resources and support. Her generosity astounds me, plus I just love hanging out with her!
As others have said, she is most certainly an angel :)
My husband and I never thought that we’d hire a birth doula. The birth process seemed to be this beautifully intimate thing that we couldn’t imagine sharing with someone we didn’t really know. However, as soon as we met Dawn (whom we were interviewing to be our postpartum doula), we changed our minds. Her unique mix of warmth and strength is magnetic, and her knowledge of the birth process is vast. We are so grateful that we made the decision to invite her to be a part of our “birth-day team,” as her presence was absolutely invaluable.

My husband is a total badass and an amazing coach, but labor is long and neither of us fully comprehended just how intense it would be. Dawn provided both of us with encouragement and strength, which kept our confidence high throughout the night. My labor was incredibly challenging, and I truly believe that without Dawn’s support, we would have had to transfer from our birth center to the hospital.

After the birth, Dawn helped us for weeks as our postpartum doula. She cooked meals, watched our son while we napped, and took our dog for walks. The best part was that we didn’t have to ask her to do any of these things - she suggested them! She knew exactly how to be helpful. Dawn constantly checked in on both my husband and I to make sure that we were each getting what we needed, although she typically knew what we both needed before we knew it ourselves.

The oddest thing about the postpartum period is that everyone in your life will want to know how they can be helpful, but it turns out that telling people how they can help you is exhausting. Having someone who just knows what to do is a huge stress reliever during what ends up being a fairly busy and stressful time. We couldn’t have dreamed up a better postpartum situation if we’d tried. Having Dawn around made everything easier, and allowed my husband, son, and I to bask in the joys and excitement of being a new family before “real-life” resumed again. It was absolutely magical.

Our entire birth and postpartum experience was beautiful, surreal, and life-changing, and it would not have been the same without Dawn. I am truly so excited to get pregnant with baby #2 so that I can do it all over again with her by my side.
— Jill, Dave, and Mac Henry
We are so glad to have Dawn by our side as our doula. She provided knowledgeable and empathetic support throughout the process. I had a tediously long and unyielding labor. By long, I mean, I was feeling multiple inconsistent contractions Sunday afternoon till Wednesday night when I finally gave birth. Dawn came over Sunday night and helped position the baby correctly with her exercises. Her constant consideration and reassurance helped us get through the latent phase to my actual consistent contracting labor. She convinced me to face my fears of re-experiencing marital strife, as I was in denial of being ready at merely 37 weeks. When I finally connected with my husband as we slow danced through each contraction, Dawn came over to massage my sore back for hours on end at home at the hospital. She coached me on the process and what interventions might arise. We went through every position possible for my labor to progress. I had a very hard time dilating and she made sure I was hydrated and well rested. When the time came to aid my progression, it was Dawn who convinced us that an epidural was the best choice to keep my goal of having a VBAC. Without her experience and knowledge, I would have surrendered to another c-section. We are perpetually grateful for Dawn’s dedication to her craft and calming guidance in helping me experience the miracle of a vaginal birth. She continued to provide nurturing support for the month after and even took our 3 year old daughter to the park, as well as made us soup, to help us ease the transition.  Dawn is a true gift to the birthing world.
— Sarita Liu
Dawn was such a blessing and a light throughout my pregnancy & labour. My husband and I interviewed 2-3 other doulas before Dawn and I actually almost canceled my meeting with her because I was sure I was going to hire the first lady we interviewed and I didn’t want to waste her time or mine.

I really didn’t feel like getting dressed and going out that day, I don’t know why I didn’t cancel, something just told me to go despite my nausea and all day morning sickness. But when something is meant to be the world finds a way! I truly believe that Dawn was meant to be our doula and I’m forever greatful that I listened to my gut. I’m forever grateful for her vast knowledge, her sincere nature and love for what she does, her calmness, her incredible energy and her ability to help me rationalize my thoughts. She has this amazing way of bringing a person back to a state of calmness, tranquility and rational thought & it was EXACTLY what I needed through my pregnancy.

She was always a phone call or text away and I always felt like she cared so much about me & my growing baby. Every time we concluded a meeting I felt so energized yet calm, at peace & most importantly excited for labour. I was training my mind to have no fear - Dawn was one of the main reasons why the delivery of my baby girl went exactly how I envisioned and wanted it to go. I simply adore this lady, if we are blessed to get pregnant again Dawn will be the first person I call when I find out to ensure she’s available to be our doula-well, maybe I’ll call my mom first!
— Una Bassilli
Have you ever met someone who seemed to know what you needed before you knew you needed it? That is what it felt like to have Dawn as the doula for my unmedicated births, both of which took place in a major urban teaching hospital setting. It was uncanny, like she could see and feel what was happening for me and instantly provided without fanfare whatever I needed: water, a hand to hold, a reassuring touch. Steady, perceptive, sensitive, and with a great sense of humor, Dawn’s care is a special gift I wish every expecting mother could receive.

During pregnancy, Dawn helped me prepare mentally and physically, suggesting - and sometimes performing - exercises, stretches, visualizations and breathing techniques to keep me centered and relaxed despite a demanding career. When I went post-dates, she revealed a wealth of knowledge on how to relieve symptoms of late pregnancy, such as backaches and pelvic pressure. In my experience, Dawn offers an unbeatable combination: an impressive command of her field; the flexibility to adapt her practice to mom’s (and baby’s!) wishes; and sincere compassion for her client.

Living far from family, I was so lucky to have Dawn as my post-partum doula. She was like a good fairy in our home, folding laundry, running errands and, ever the caregiver, coaching and supporting me as I learned how to nurse for the first time. Dawn applied her immense knowledge to my nursing dilemma, helping me find my way to a resolution and - just as important - to confidence as a nursing mother. I cannot overstate how key she was to the practical and emotional health of our entire household in those early days.
— Anna Westhoff

My husband and I did not have any family around to help us when my son was born. Although I am a physician and my husband read every book out there regarding pregnancy and labor, we still were quite anxious about becoming first-time parents. Thank goodness we found Dawn! I had no reservations about her becoming our doula since I knew that she had the natural talent and aptitude, the warmth and nurturing spirit, and the dedication.

My labor was roughly 32 hours. Dawn, however, stood by my husband and me doing everything she could to make the process more bearable. Thankfully, we avoided an emergent C-section and everything still turned out amazing! And lucky for us, Dawn was able to capture many of his first precious moments.

It was very comforting to have Dawn by my side and I know my husband greatly appreciated it as it allowed him time to rest/sleep during some of the down time and knowing that another person was there to help us meant a lot. She was such a calming influence with such an easygoing nature. One of the main reasons I chose Dawn was because she respected my goals and wishes, did not try to push any of her own views/agendas... She seemed to have an open mind and was prepared to be flexible with all the unpredictabilities that comes with childbirth.

Aside from being our labor doula, she followed us home and was our postpartum doula as well, helping us give my son his first bath and helping me figure out the intricacies of how to feed my son while filing down his pointy fingernails. We are very grateful for all of her help in being with us during one of the happiest moments in our lives. She is a bundle of gentle positive energy and I highly recommend her as both a labor doula and postpartum doula!
— Carolyn Nguyen

I hired Dawn as my doula after just moments into our first meeting. Her openness and connectedness was just what I was looking for in a doula, knowing this would be someone I’d become very close to. I had researched so much of the pregnancy and birthing experience, but Dawn always brought more knowledge and resources to me. She listened to me debate different choices and scenarios, helped me find more information to make better decisions, and was the voice of reason and understanding when hormones took over. Even with an amazing husband and my nurturing mother, Dawn as a doula filled a very special and important role. I believe having her involved in my pregnancy and my baby’s birth made me feel 100% present and able to embrace the uncertainty and beauty that will continue to unfold in all the years to come.
— Lana Perry

Dawn created a space where love, peace and encouragement filled the room. She helped my wife in ways only a special doula can. We love her!
— Tristan Butler

Dawn came to help us at a time when our lives were spinning out of control due to serious postpartum health issues. She worked to not only support me in feeling more confident as a mother with these challenges but helped me sort out a plan for moving forward. After 10 days she got my house in order, developed a sleep training schedule, and left me feeling like I had found the sister I’d always dreamed of. Her kindness, knowledge of infant care, organizational skills are beyond comparison. She’s a miracle worker!
— Lauren T.
Dawn is one of the most amazing people I have met. She helped me survive and thrive during the first few months after my daughter was born. My husband travels a lot and I was basically a single mom. Having Dawn’s support kept me sane. I really appreciated all of the healing food she made, way she provided factual advice, and most importantly cared for our daughter. We are blessed to have Dawn in our lives then & now.
— Katie Moody
Dawn is a great resource for the frazzled new mama. She has calming energy that soothes both baby and mom. She’s worked with us during the day and also overnight. She cooks, cleans, and is great with our baby and a pleasure to have helping us out.
— Michelann Quimby